March 28, 2019: "Zukunftstag" 2019

Date: March 28, 2019

Time: 8.30 am - 14.45 pm

Place: Department for Respiratory Medicine, Hannover Medical School

Please do not apply anymore - we are fully booked!

The Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) will also be offering a "Zukunfstag" for students in 2019.

As part of this event, we would like to give the students the opportunity to get to know the different fields of activity and related professions of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, as well as to get a taste of MHH air. Priority is the topic on "lung".

The different stations, we will guide the participants through our department will be hands-on station or simulated activities to provede the attandencees a sence of the real work at MHH. We also want to show the students the building and some structural units (eg helicopter loading area).

The number of participants is limited (up to 6 participants). Please send your e-mail if you are interested and/ or if you have any further questions to: We are looking forward to your email!