BREATH booth inspires visitors at MHH’s open house

Hannover Medical School opened its doors for visitors for an Open House, this year during the Lower Saxonian November of Science Under the slogan “Every day for life”, numerous clinics, laboratories and research projects presented their work. BREATH also participated.

This year's Open House at Hannover Medical School (MHH), on November 3rd 2018, was attended by around 2,500 visitors, who learned about the latest treatment strategies and current research projects.

The booth of BREATH, the Hanoverian site of the German Center for Lung Research, had "the lung in sight - from tiny to huge". With a large lung model, doctors at the Department of Pulmonology explained the structure and function of the lung and the development of various lung diseases. In the walk-in lung model, the changes in the respiratory tract up to the bronchus, alveoli and ciliated epithelium were illustrated in three dimensions for the interested visitors.

The employees of the AG lung research of the Institute of Pathology then showed what pulmonary diseases look like at the cellular level. Tissue sections of various lung diseases could be viewed under the microscope and on a large screen. The pathologists explained their findings so that the visitors gained insight into their complex work.

Very popular, especially among the small visitors, was the Wheel of Fortune, with a variety of smaller gifts on the topic of lung and BREATH.

There was ample opportunity to get up to date with the doctors and scientists on the latest news and trends in the study of diseases of the lungs.

BREATH would like to thank all employees who helped make the day so successful. From pathology: Mark Kühnel, Peter Brauchbach, Regina Engelhardt, Edith Plucinski; Berenice Rath, and Paul Clemens Borchert. From pulmonology: Benjamin-Alexander Bollmann, Meike Jungen and Bettina Fischer.



Bild: BREATH and MHH / Kaiser