Schoolgirls visit pneumology at the Future Day

Every year, students have the opportunity to gain insights into various professions as part of the Future Day. The purpose of the day is to introduce girls and boys to a variety of professions that they would rarely consider when choosing a career. This year, BREATH participated for the second time with the MHH Pulmonology Clinic on the Future Day, which took place on March 28th.

At the Hannover Medical School, many different professions work together. In addition to doctors, nurses and technical assistants, there are occupations that are not immediately thought of in a university hospital: e.g. business and logistics specialists or natural scientists. On the Future Day, 6 students from sixth and seventh grade of secondary schools in Hannover and Langenhagen had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the professional life of various professions at the MHH.

The day already started with a highlight for the students. On the landing deck they had the opportunity to visit the rescue helicopter Christoph III. Then they went for a short stopover in the emergency room.

The focus of the day, however, was the work of the staff of the Department of Pulmonology, i.a. the head of functional diagnostics Ute Sauermann and the pulmonary specialist Karen Olsson. The students had the opportunity to get to know different areas of the Pneumological Outpatient Clinic and to experience some examinations on their own body. In addition to lung function measurements and blood gas analysis; there was even the opportunity to observe an echocardiogram.

In the afternoon, the students visited the Steril Headquarters, where they were able to witness on-site how surgical instruments are elaborately cleaned and prepared for the operation unit. At the end of the day, Luisa Braun, a trainee in human resources management, informed about the various apprenticeships at the MHH.

The students could take a lot from the informative day. Next year BREATH will again be involved in the Future Day.

Special thanks go to all involved employees of the MHH: Baran Merkhoo, Gülcan Deniz, Julia Freise, Ellen Behrendt, Heidrun Behmer, Ute Sauermann, Karen Olsson and the teams of the sterile center, the emergency room and the rescue helicopter.



Pictures: BREATH