From the clinic to research – Da-Hee Park selected for the Clinician Scientist Program

Dr. Da-Hee Park, junior doctor in the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Hannover Medical School, has been selected for the Clinician Scientist Program PRACTIS and is now a researcher for three years in the BREATH working group led by Prof. Dr. Danny Jonigk.

The daily routine for doctors in clinics is stressful. Besides the care of patients, there is little time left for research. Even if the level of personal motivation is high, the welfare of patients always comes first. PRACTIS, the Clinician Scientist Program at Hannover Medical School (MHH), is employed exactly at this point and allows young doctors to carry out research work. Those taking part are released from their day-to-day work in the clinic and receive mentoring tailored to their needs for their clinical and scientific work. In addition, funding is made available which they can use for necessary purchases. The program is very popular at the MHH and there are always more applications than places available. 
The connection between clinical and scientific work is also a feature of the research at the German Center for Lung Research (DZL). The Hannover DZL site BREATH has therefore decided to fund one place in this year’s PRACTIS intake. A project in the field of lung research will be supported. Dr. Da-Hee Park was selected with her research project on intussusceptive angiogenesis in various pulmonary diseases. Currently, Dr. Park is working as a junior doctor in the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the MHH and looks in particular after patients with pulmonary hypertension. Her interest in research is testified by her membership of the DZL Junior Academy and several successful publications. For her research project in the PRACTIS program, in the BREATH working group led by Prof. Dr. Danny Jonigk, she would like to examine what role microvascular alterations, caused by intussusceptive angiogenesis, play in the course of pulmonary arterial hypertension and fibrotic interstitial lung diseases. „I am most thankful that I now have the time to focus on my research project. Thanks to the most modern infrastructure in the laboratory and the support from Prof. Jonigk and Prof. Hoeper as my mentors, I strongly believe in the success of my project“, says Dr. Park, who will be assisted by two experienced BREATH scientists. Prof. Jonigk, Head of the Pulmonary Pathology Working Group, is in charge of the scientific mentoring whilst Prof. Hoeper from the Department of Respiratory Medicine is the contact for the clinical work.  
BREATH is delighted to be able to provide young and motivated clinicians with more time for their research. Therefore, BREATH will also participate in PRACTIS in the next program. 
Further information regarding PRACTIS can be found here.


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Junior Doctor and PRACTIS participant Dr. Da-Hee Park