BREATH- Junior Researcher Laura von Schledorn at MBML Retreat

The 18th Annual Retreat of the international graduate program „Molecular Biology and Medicine of the Lung“ (MBML) was held from 11 - 13 October, 2022.

One day before the MBML Retreat began, the DZL fellows from outside of Gießen / Marburg were invited to have dinner at the beautiful Schlosshotel Staufenberg, which gave us the great opportunity to get to know each other before the actual retreat started.

On October 11th 2022 all students and invited speakers were welcomed by Elie El Agha, Werner Seeger and Sezin Czarnecki at Castle Rauischholzhausen. In the following, key note lectures and student presentations were alternating, giving interesting presentations about pulmonary hypertension, lung development, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, lung inflammation and immunomodulation, chronic obstructive lung disease and airway aging. 

Many international speakers such as Stephen Chan (University of Pittsburg, USA), Vera Krymskaya (University of Pennsylvania, USA), Thomas Lindahl (Nobel Price Recipient in Chemistry (2015), The Francis Crick Institute, UK), Anita Simonds (Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, UK), Victor Thannickal (Tulane University School of Medicine, USA), Seyed Javad Moghaddam (The University of Texas, USA) and Enid Rose Neptune (John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, USA) were presenting exciting and interesting insights to their previous and current research. Also, they gave helpful feedback to the student’s projects, which could be further discussed in the “Meet-the-Professor” sessions.

Overall, the MBML Retreat was a very stimulating event that gave me the opportunity to present and discuss my own data in a pleasant atmosphere and, furthermore, exchange ideas and build connections with scientists from different fields and countries. I was pleased to get invited to represent the DZL site BREATH and had a wonderful time.

Text: von Schledorn/ BREATH AB

Photo: private

f.l. Laura von Schledorn (BREATH), Sarah Richtmann (TLRC), Birte Ehrhardt (ARCN), Maria Camila Melo Narváez (CPC-M)