Professorship / Principal Investigator

The BREATH research network with its projects in the DZL contributes to the long-term security and sustainable further development of clinical and particularly translational research in the field of lung research.

The main areas of focus of the professorships in BREATH lie in respiratory medicine, surgery, immunology, transplantation medicine and pediatric pneumology, allergology and neonatology.

With their outstanding scientific commitment, and in addition to their research for the DZL, the project leaders (Principal Investigators, PI) are actively involved in teaching, preclinical research and general hospital care.

Through the strategic cooperation of renowned doctors and scientists, a permanent strengthening of the scientific site Hannover in national and international competition should be achieved. On this basis, dedicated and motivated people are sought with above-average university education results in medicine or natural sciences and a degree in an experimental field.

A total of 39 principal investigators from the MHH, five from ITEM and two from the LUH are working on the projects of the DZL.