Activites at BREATH

With a great number of events, seminars, symposia and workshops, the BREATH research network offers its members and users as well as interested individuals a forum for discussions, acquisition and transfer of knowledge, and networking opportunities.

BREATH offers its members diverse annual events, such as the BREATH Retreat and BREATH Members’ Meeting. It also supports its members concerning DZL events, assisting them with their participation at the DZL Annual Meeting and at international DZL symposia.

In a three-years turnus the monthly lecture series „Pneumology for Lung Researchers“ takes place at the MHH, directed at all BREATH doctoral and PhD students and all those interested in pneumology.

At the DZL Colloquium, which is held every two months, BREATH scientists present their latest research results and there is a general discussion regarding cooperation possibilities.

BREATH has also taken on the task of passing on the newest research findings to general practitioners and doctors from less research-orientated hospitals. It is worth mentioning here the expert lectures and participation at conventions, such as the annual German Respiratory Society (DGP) Congress.

A further important issue at BREATH is patient information and involvement of the general public. Patient seminars on the various types of pulmonary disease are continuously being expanded .

Every second autumn BREATH takes part in the „November of Science”, a Hannover Science Initiative where the scientific establishments in Hannover present themselves to the public at large and offer “research to touch and understand”.