Dear Patients,

Involving patients and their families in the activities of BREATH, the Hannover site of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL e.V.), is an important part of our work.

The Lung Information Service (LID) is an essential component of the DZL in this respect. It offers, in German language, easily understandable knowledge on all aspects of lung diseases from research and medical viewpoints.

In addition, we have been offering patient seminars in Hannover since 2014. In these meetings, experts from Hannover Medical School give talks that are understandable for patients on the origin and development of the various types of lung disease. The factors responsible for the development of the disease are explained as well as the diagnosis and possible courses of therapy. The doctors also allow sufficient time for questions and discussions.

In the section „Events“ on our homepage, you will find information about planned events for patients. Please contact us if you are interested in attending these meetings. We would be pleased to add your name to our distribution list.

Professor Dr. Tobias Welte and Dr. Annegret Zurawski

Patient Events

LAM (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis) In spring 2014 the LAM Support Group for the first time met with Professor Dr. Tobias Welte. Since then these meetings take place regularly at Hannover Medical School once per year.

Non-CF Bronchiectasis A patient seminar on non-CF bronchiectasis takes place at MHH regularly, lead by Dr. Felix Ringshausen and Dr. Jessica Rademacher. 

PH Patient Forum The first patient forum for patients with pulmonary hypertesion took place in summer 2020. Professor Dr. Karen Olsson and Prof. Dr. Marius Hoeper are responisble for this event.

Pulmonary Fibrosis In Summer 2014, with the appointment of Professor Dr. Antje Prasse, the MHH gained an expert on pulmonary fibrosis. Since then she has not only developed the Fibrosis Outpatient Clinic but also the yearly patient seminar on pulmonary fibrosis.


Informing the general public

Despite their vast distribution, lung diseases are not considered by the general public to be widespread. It is thus a key concern of the DZL to provide the population with comprehensive, sound and generally understandable information on lung diseases.

The Lung Information Service, set up at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and sponsored by the DZL, is therefore an important component of the DZL. It offers patients and their relatives in German speaking countries easily understandable knowledge on all aspects of lung diseases from research and medical viewpoints.

The Lung Information Service in this way builds a bridge between research and direct use for patients and at the same time raises public awareness of lung diseases.