It is with great sadness that we announce that Professor Dr. Tobias Welte passed away on March 10, 2024 after a short, serious illness. We are infinitely saddened.

We feel deep gratitude for Tobias Welte, both for his humanity and for the tireless energy and foresight with which he created his life's work. His unwavering dedication to his work, his deep wisdom and his kindness have touched countless lives.

He leaves an immeasurable gap in our community. In him we lose a great scientist, strategist and friend. Tobias Welte's legacy will live on in our hearts and in the work we continue to do in his honor.



Dear Patients,

Involving patients and their families in the activities of BREATH is an important part of our work.


The BREATH scientists frequently publish their research results in international scientific journals. All publications of our scientists, published since the inception of BREATH and DZL, in the field of lung research can be found here.