DZL Academy Symposium 2023: Challenges and Resolution Strategies in Lung Remodeling

From November 22 to 24, 2023, the third DZL Academy Symposium took place at the NH Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz. The event was themed "When Regeneration Goes Berserk: Challenges and Resolution Strategies in Lung Remodeling." With 80 DZL Academy Fellows and 20 invited keynote speakers, the event was fully booked.

Fascinating Program and Exchange

The symposium kicked off on November 22 with a welcome from the coordinators of the DZL Academy, Silke Meiners and Rory Morty. It was divided into six sessions around the topic "Lung Remodeling," each opened by invited keynote speakers.

We extend our gratitude to our keynote speakers:

  • Alexandra Naba from the University of Illinois Chicago, USA
  • Janine Gote-Schniering from the University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Danny Jonigk from RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • Werner Seeger, Speaker of the DZL Board of Directors
  • Sylvia Cohen-Kaminsky from the University Paris Sud, France
  • Inti Alberto De La Rosa Velázquez from Helmholtz Munich
  • Sabrina Semmler from the Project Management Agency DLR as a representative of the BMBF.

The Academy Fellow presentations following each keynote provided insights into innovative research projects and promising approaches within the DZL working groups.

Special Highlight: Visit to the Reichstag

A notable highlight of the symposium was undoubtedly the visit to the Reichstag dome on November 23. Participants had the unique opportunity to explore the historic building and enjoy panoramic views of the capital.

Werner Seeger and the Future of Young Scientist Promotion

Another significant moment of the symposium was the discussion on the future of junior promotion in DZL with the Speaker of DZL, Werner Seeger. He engaged in intensive discussions with the fellows to develop ideas and perspectives that pave the way for future generations of lung researchers.

The symposium was complemented by informal meetings and discussions during dinners, providing participants with the opportunity to engage with keynote speakers, get to know each other better, and discuss ideas for the future of lung research.




Visit of the dome of the Reichstag on Nov 23, 2023

Participants of the DZL Academy Symposium 2023